Andi Singer

With my favorite girl in the world.

With my favorite girl in the world.

I'm a young photographer and videographer born in Bucharest, Romania and sometimes based in London, United Kingdom.

In 2007 I began studying photography by shooting on 35mm film. In 2012 I also started experimenting with fashion and beauty photography.

My goal is to tell unique stories with a sense of magic and cinematic feeling.

To this day I still prefer to shoot on film and I think capturing the world on 35mm is the closest thing to my heart.

Published in:

TIME Magazine, The New Yorker, BBC Culture, C-heads Magazine #1 ,  #2, #3, #4, #5, Marie Claire, Dark Beauty Magazine, Posi+ive Magazine, Design You Trust, The Sydney Morning Herald, Powderzine Australia, Odcloneno Czech Republic, Think Outside The Box, FrizziFrizzi, Iso 400, and The World Through Green Eyes among others.

Thank you for everything!

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